Questions& Answers

Below are questions that have been asked most frequently. If you have question's after reading the following, please see the link at the end of this page.

Q- Are appointments necessary?
A- Usually yes, Sometimes there may be a cancellation slot you can use. Each tattoo takes time to complete, some longer than others. When was the last time you popped in on your dentist without an appointment? P.S.- Dropping off body parts is out of the question.

Q- What is the age requirement for getting tattooed?
A- 18 years through 110 years old. Under eighteen you'll need a parents signed consent & it's not recommended since your body is still changing physically it can alter the appearance of the tattoo as your body matures. Over one hundred and ten, can you really guarantee you'll keep your appointment?

Q- Does it hurt?
A- It's not nearly as bad as what you might imagine. It doesn't feel like the poking pain when getting an injection. Most of the time your build up of anxiety & vivid imagination is more painful mentally then the physically getting of the tattoo. The #1 response I hear starting a tattoo on a first timer is, "That's it? ! it's not so bad". If at times it's uncomfortable we'll stop for a moment & so will the discomfort. It's defiantly a different pain than if someone was to bang your thumb with a hammer. Sorry, I wont be able to hold your hand.

Q- Are some body sections more sensitive than others?
A- Each person is different when it comes to pain & discomfort. Usually body sections that are thin skinned tend to be a bit more sensitive. No pain, No gain.

Q- Is their anything I can take for discomfort I may experience?
A- 1st, you volunteered for this so your mentally prepared better (compared to dropping a piano on you when you least expect it). 2nd, A non aspirin over the counter medicine can help take the edge off, ex.- Tylenol or Advil. Non aspirin because aspirin tends to inhibit blood clotting making you bleed more and who really wants to mop up the mess.

Q- How about a few drinks before I get tattooed?
A- No. Alcohol thins the blood, we're back to the blood clotting problem & I'm not taking the mop out again.

Q- Can I get high or stoned before I get tattooed?
A- NO! NO!. If you think climbing a ladder or having someone throw rocks at you is going to help, forget it. NO!

Q- What colors are best?
A- I personally like all black & gray, seems to hold the test of time best, of course color is fine, each skin tone will show color differently. The lighter the color the more fickle it is. Dark skin, black ink will show up best. If you skins ash white to purple then you've come to the wrong place. R.I.P.

Q- I'm going on vacation the day after I get tattooed, what care will my tattoo need?
A- First, Getting tattooed the day before going on vacation or even a few weeks before is not the best plan. Some people experience a slight negative reaction from the tattoo while healing & may require a doctor visit. Second, if sun is in your vacation plans, that's a no no. A fresh tattoo hates the sun. (Note: a healed tattoo dislikes the sun always use a good sun block on a healed tattoo or fade city will be your destination). Last, but not least, long soaks in water is not the best for a fresh tattoo trying to heal & scab. (Of course we can make exceptions on the above recommendations if you take your friendly artist with you).

Q- What about sterilization?
A- We use new ink & needles for each tattoo. All other necessary equipment is sterilized by a machine called an autoclave, this is the proper & required method. All other items used during the tattoo are disposable. No joke here this is taken extremely seriously for your & my safety.

Q- How are your prices?
A- Are you really looking for a bargain when it comes down to a piece of artwork on YOUR body that DOESN'T wash off? This is one item you'll purchase that nobody will expect to see left for them in your will. Remember, the tattoo artist doesn't own an eraser.

Q- Do you make house calls?
A- Yes, for a small service charge. Hey, even those pizza toppings are extra.

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