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"Even a tiny mosquito gets a pat on the back when he does a good job."

 D C M Electric Inc. 
Electrifying N.Y., CT., & N.J. Since 1984
Residential & commercial 
Fully licensed & insured. 
Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
Endless Designs
Artwork for all your needs
Logo's, Web design & animation.
Children murals, illustrations.


Of Mice & Mint : Our web mice & the mouse in your hand are friendly & welcome.
What about the nose twitching, beady eyed, 4 legged, stringy tailed breathing ones?
Yuk! Try mint leaves, mice hate the smell.
Now you know Mickey's breath isn't minty  fresh.

Safe-N-Sounds Inc.
Home Theater / Satellite Systems.
Plasma TV dealer / installer.
Security & computer network wiring.
Residential & commercial 
Yonkers, N.Y. 914-964-2900
Wissman Avenue Cycles
 Harley-Davidson Repairs.
 Custom Bike Building.
Bronx, N.Y., 718-863-0608

"when life deals you lemons, make lemonade "

Children's Muralist
   Fantasy rooms for your child.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
 **Click here to see examples**
   860-354-1661 / loxs.@snet.net
                        Watchdog Welding LLC 
Bridgewater CT,                                   860-355-6997


   **Click, watchdogwelding@snet.net , to e-mail**

Did you know the word tattoo has two other meanings? 1. A military drum or bugle call to quarters at night. 2. A rhythmic drumming or tapping.

               Also the word just before tattoo in the dictionary is tattletale,
one who tattles on others.
 We're Tattootales pronounced tattletales, "where the ink tells all". Coincidence?
We didn't plan it that way. Spooky?

A click of cheese & it's back to Poppy !

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